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DMARC: Please Be Careful!

(Cross posted from Spam Resource.) Every couple of days, somebody new pops up on the DMARC-Discuss mailing list to ask some question or share an observation. It’s great to see people interested and joining the conversation. Clearly, DMARC interest and adoption are growing. What’s really frustrating, though, is that for about a quarter of the new subscribers, their first mailing list...

Just… make it stop

It used to be when I’d send in a complaint to an ESP, I’d want them to take it seriously. To actually fix their customer problems. To stop their customers from spamming. To fix the broken process that resulted in their customer thinking I asked for email. These days? These days I just want the ESP to suppress my address and make the mail stop. Even better would be suppressing the...

Handling SNDS requests

I’ve been working with a new client on getting them signed up for FBLs, whitelists and other sorts of monitoring. One of the places I recommended to them was signing up for the Hotmail Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) program. It’s been a while since I’ve gone through the process, so I decided to sign up our network space to give up to date instructions from to clients. As...

About the @ sign

The @ sign is ubiquitous online. We use it and we don’t think about it. But the history of the @ sign is more complicated than we realize.

URIBL having a bad day

Multiple lists have been discussing DNS failures for over the last few hours. This is causing some serious mail problems for folks, both on the inbound and the outbound. URIBL has a note on their home page (which is unreachable for some folks). June 4th, 2013: DNS Issues Our top-level domain that handles DNS resolution for serveral of our services is currently in LA-LA-LAND with Godaddy...

Salesforce buying Exacttarget

Reports today say that Salesforce is buying Exacttarget for around 2.5 billion dollars.
The offer for $33.75 per share in cash is 53 percent more that ExactTarget’s closing price yesterday. The transaction has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, according to a statement today.

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