Weird mail problems today? Clear your DNS cache!


A number of sources are reporting this morning that there was a problem with some domains in the .com zone yesterday. These problems caused the DNS records of these domains to become corrupted. The records are now fixed. Some of the domains, however, had long TTLs. If a recursive resolver pulled the corrupted records, it could take up to 2 days for the new records to naturally age out.
Folks can fix this by flushing their DNS cache, thus forcing the recursive resolver to pull the uncorrupted records.
EDIT: Cisco has published some more information about the problem. ‘Hijacking’ of DNS Records from Network Solutions

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  • Apparently over a thousand domains, including some very high profile ones, affected. Everyone is claiming it’s human error, rather than any sort of compromise.
    Reading between the lines, one possibility is that a bunch of domains were accidentally deleted by the registry / registrar and a domain squatter immediately (and probably automatically) registered them, leading to bad data being published to DNS until the registry / registrar noticed and rolled back the changes.

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