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I got multiple copies of a request to “confirm my email address” recently. What’s interesting is the text surrounding the confirmation request.

I have a list of potential customers in your area. The list includes several ways for you to contact them.
I would like to send you a sample of this list to the address I have on file: spamtrap@example.com.
Can you call me today at 1 (800) 676-2011 Ext 619 to confirm your email?
Travis Smith
Prospect Profile Specialist
1 (800) 676-2011 Ext 619

This message came to multiple spamtraps of mine. But I thought it was interesting that they’re actually trying to confirm addresses, even if the text surrounding it is a bit of a lie. None of the addresses the message was sent to is associated with any sort of commercial site.
Wonder how many confirmations Travis is getting? And if he’s actually sending “lists of customer addresses” to them, or if he’s actually just taking the confirmed addresses and adding them to the lists he is selling.

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  • Travis has been sending the same spam, with the same boilerplate and 800 number for at least a year, so it must be working for him.
    Network Solutions hosted spammer, IIRC.

  • Funny thing, I have Blogtrottr emailing me when you add new posts and this was the only one that’s been junked.
    I’d like to think it was the copy from the ‘confirmation’ email.
    Must have been junked too many times by Gmail Google Apps users 😉

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