A number of people have mentioned over the last week or so that they’re seeing a lot of outages, failures and general ickiness with SNDS. I contacted Microsoft and asked about it. SNDS has been undergoing some upgrades and improvements and the outages were not intended to be end user visible. They’re going to keep a closer eye on things, while they finish the upgrades.
The good news in all of this is that SNDS is being upgraded and maintained. SNDS is still a functioning part of the Microsoft infrastructure, and this is good news for anyone who uses it as a data source.

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  • Tom,
    You are right. I am also getting 503 errror. Good thing is snds probably work in the back end and it could be just a web page issue.
    Service Unavailable
    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

  • They don’t always retain data. We’ve seen gaps in the data when this kind of outage happens.
    I was able to log in today and only able to see three days of activity for a client (who prior had several weeks of activity).

  • Hi, Mike,
    That is true, they don’t retain data outside SNDS. SNDS is the data collection system, so if the system is down then they don’t have the data for those days. It’s, apparently, an engineering decision.

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