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Flush your DNS cache (again)

This time it appears that DNS for major websites, including the NY Times, has been compromised. Attackers put in DNS entries that redirected visitors to a malware site. The compromise has been fixed and the fake DNS entries corrected. However, people may still have the old data in their DNS caches and security experts are suggesting everyone flush their DNS cache to make sure the fake data is...

Yahoo releases user names

According to TechCrunch, Yahoo has started notifying people if their desired username is available. For users who asked for names that aren’t available now, Yahoo has a solution. They will be keeping wishlists for users for the next 3 years. If those usernames are abandoned and expire, Yahoo will notify people by email. Any sender using email as an account key (either for resetting...

"Blocked for Bot-like Behavior"

An ESP asked about this error message from Hotmail and what to do about it. “Bot-like” behaviour usually means the sending server is doing something that bots also do. It’s not always that they’re spamming, often it’s a technical issue. But the technical problems make the sending server look like a bot, so the ISP is not taking any chances and they’re going to...

Ken gets spam

Ken at Popehat gets spam offering to write a sponsored post. Ken counters with what he wants out of a sponsored post.
Blogging is going to be light this week. I’ve got a couple project deadlines to meet and most of my focus is on that. Plus, it’s the end of August and most folks are on vacation.

Spam illustrated

Portraits of Spammers
It’s been a long week, so enjoy some art (and spam). Next week we’ll get back to discussing the many faults of Gmail. And senders. And receivers. And, well, everyone has faults. And email is Dead. Tabs killed it.

Gmail tabs … good for marketers?

It appears to be Google’s turn as the subject of most of my blog posts these days. Consumerist had a post up today talking about the new Gmail tabs. Interestingly enough, they’re quoting an Ad Age article that says the new tabs are not hurting engagement. Early results are surprising. Response rates have actually gone up or stayed the same for most companies. Mega-marketer Epsilon...

Gmail promotions tab

Chad White explains why you shouldn’t ask recipients to move mail from the promotions tab to the inbox.

Gmail says no expectation of privacy, kinda.

Consumer Watch put out a press release yesterday about a court filing made by Gmail that says Gmail users have no expectation of privacy. I pulled a bunch of the docs yesterday, but have had no real time to read or digest them. For recap users everything I pulled (and stuff other people have pulled) are available at The initial complaint was filed under seal at the request of Google...

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