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Last night I was cruising through our local news website. I see the headline New SPF guidelines coming our way.
My first thought was, “Wow, SPF made the paper?” Now, I live in the SF Bay area so there are a lot of technology related stories that hit our paper which might not see the light of day in other areas. But, still: new SPF guidelines hit the local paper before I’ve heard about it? That seems a little strange.
Then I notice that it’s in the “Living” section. That’s even stranger.
Oh, well, if there’s new SPF stuff, I’d better click and see what is going on with SPF. The internal headline is Beauty Tuesday: New SPF guidelines accompanied by a picture of sunscreen. It was only then I realized it wasn’t about sender policy framework but was about sun protection.
A bit of a picard-facepalm2 moment for me.
Happy Friday, everyone.

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  • I recently had a similar experience. A former basketball player named Craig Ehlo was arrested this week and charged with domestic violence. You can imagine my reaction when I saw a headline starting with “Ehlo arrested”

  • SPF blocks bad UV rays.
    DKIM digitally signs good UV rays.
    DMARC combines the two into the Final Ultiimate Solution to the Sunscreen Problem.. 😛

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