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If you’ve tried to get an address delisted from SORBS this week you’ll have found that their site is degraded, and there’s no way to request delisting.
They’ve been dealing with some very nasty database / hardware problems and while they’re fixing those the externally visible SORBS services are running in a read-only mode (where the list is published, but IP addresses can’t be added or removed).
The migration to new infrastructure is going well, and unless something unexpected happens I’d guess they’ll be running normally some time tomorrow.

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  • has anyone ever gotten a reply back on case from these guys… its bad they are an “authority” and non responsive….

  • About 80 people an hour get responses from our robot responders. Approximately half these need no further action as they are successful delists.
    Unsuccessful delist request result in a robot response telling you to reply stating a justification.
    After 5 successful delists as a user you would have to explain yourself as to why you are still getting listed for every case.
    Most people succeed, however of those that report failure of the system we have found most have not read the response and/or not followed the instructions, instead logging a new support ticket with the same (already rejected) information – which unsurprisingly the robots automatically reject for the exact same reason. Only a reply to the initially rejected ticket(s) will result in a human responding, logging new tickets will not.

  • Hi Michelle,
    First of all, most problems originate from the fact that your delist form is broken. When you try to get an IP delisted, you get an error message:

    An Error Occurred Processing Your Request
    Unable to connect to mailserver, please mail the error and your ID to

    So i copied the complete form (including the comment where i described the situation and counter measures) and hit send.
    Then the bot comes in with the following statement:

    We are setting this ticket to 'Rejected', as an action is required
    in your part before we can update our lists regarding the IP address(es)
    you wrote to us about.
    Action required: As you are requesting a delisting of an IP/Network
    that has either sent spam recently or has sent so much spam that it
    exceeds our preset thresholds you must reply to this message justifying
    your cause and why you think you should be delisted.
    Someone will then review your case and reply accordingly.

    Since i couldn’t use your mailform your bot probably couldn’t parse my comment regarding the issue.
    So i replied AGAIN with the same comment i did before. I checked the state of my ticket..unresolved.
    In the meantime i got delisted in 5 other blacklist in less than 30 minutes.
    Don’t get me wrong: the listing in itself was perfectly legit. An old Typo3 CMS instance got
    hacked and php mailer was used to send spam. That is not the reason i am upset. The reason i am upset is
    how you handle delistings.
    Please, please, please fix it or shut it down. This isn’t helping :/

  • The delisting happend today. It took around 24h. The DNS changes may take a little longer.
    Hoping for the best.
    The thing is just, when stuff like this happens you are always having a bad time. You have to figure out what compromised the system, fix it, get delisted and an army of unhappy customers yelling along the way.
    Hopefully it is over now and we can all get back to more interesting work 🙂

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