Can someone explain to me…

What this disclaimer means?

You are receiving this email because you have a customer relationship or have opted-in to an email list managed by the Emailing Entity listed below. This email was not sent to you by the company or website identified in the offer above, for which we have a separate business relationship. We have represented to such company or website that we have the affirmative right to email you with an offer on their behalf.

The best I get out of it, considering I have no customer relationship with the “Emailing Entity listed below” is “hi, we’re spammers but we lie to the people who pay us.”



  1. Larry Sheldon says

    spam skat, pure and simple.

  2. Ken Magill says

    Best. Disclaimer. Ever.

  3. Catherine Jefferson says

    You know, if some spammer would actually use Laura’s version of the disclaimer in their email, I bet I’d be so amused that I’d read the thing. (OK, maybe so I could report it as spam, but i’d be in a good mood when I did it.) šŸ˜‰


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