Getting spamcop summary reports


1) Create a spamcop account at, once you get your password mailed to you, login to the account.
2) Request reports by clicking on “request reports” Spamcop takes most formats of IP addresses that people normally use.
3) Reports will come in aggregate and look like:

 IP_Address Start/Length Trap User Mole Simp Comments
RDNS Oct 16 18h/20   51    0    0    0 delisted manually, blocklisted Nov  5 18h/0    1    0    0    0
— Key to Columns —
IP Address:  The numeric address.
Start:       The first date (within the past week) that spam was
reported to have originated from the IP address.
Length:      The duration of the incident in # of days
Trap:        Messages received at traps.
User:        Messages reported by registered users.
Mole:        Messages reported by registered users who prefer to remain
Simp:        Simple reports – messages submitted by unregistered users.
Comments:    Notes reflect blocking-list status and issue-resolved status.
RDNS:        Reverse dns name of ip address (must pass forward and reverse)


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