ROKSO is the Register of Known Spamming Operations. It is a list of groups that have been disconnected from more than 3 different networks for spamming. ROKSO is a little bit different than most of the Spamhaus lists. The listings themselves talk more about the background of the listees and less about the specific emails that are the problem.
Many ISPs and ESPs use ROKSO during customer vetting processes.
Networks can be listed on ROKSO without any mail being sent from those networks. These listings are as much about just categorizing and recording associated networks as they are about blocking spam.
Spamhaus does not accept delisting requests for ROKSO records. In order to be delisted from ROKSO there must be a 6 month period with no spam traceable to the ROKSO entity. After that 6 months the listee can petition for a review of the record. If the spam has stopped their record is retired.
In my experience there is often a lot of research put into each ROKSO record and not all that information is made public.
The only time a record is changed is if Spamhaus is convinced they made a mistake. This does happen, but it’s not that common. Given the amount of research that goes into a ROKSO record, there is a fairly high burden of proof to demonstrate that the information is actually incorrect.
It is possible to get delisted off ROKSO. In all of the cases I know about, the listed entity either got out of email altogether or they radically changed their business model.

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  • I wold like to throw my 2 cents in to the ring: Their listings have traditionally been wildly inaccurate.
    I am mentioned as a current employee on a spammers ROKSO, when in fact I was fired from them after working there for 2 months because I questioned their ethics. This was 3 years ago. My requests for a correction are ignored, and I see photos listed on the same ROKSO labeled completely wrong. I don’t know where they get these photos, but the faces I see are NOT the people I worked for.
    I often wonder why they don’t just reach out and contact some of the people in their records. Most of us would be happy to give them accurate and copious information on our former employers.
    If their data is so accurate, why did they need to flee to the UK in order to avoid the US libel and slander suits?
    To this day I have been denied work (not in the mail biz) twice just because googling my name shows a ROKSO record and employers feel they cannot trust me.
    I know, boo hoo, poor me. I am not looking for sympathy, I just wanted to point out that ROKSO is not accurate, and in my very personal experience it never has been.

  • That’s amusing that you think Spamhaus “fled to the UK to avoid US libel and slander” law. Before saying anything more, you should read up on UK law, it’s pretty brutally in favor of the plantiff in that scenario. Google “McLibel case” for starters.

  • Not only is UK libel law much less defendant friendly than US law, Spamhaus didn’t “flee” anywhere. Spamhaus didn’t start in the US.

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