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I unsubscribe from a lot of opt-in lists around this time of year. I’m generally unbothered by a couple emails a week from companies I’ve purchased from in the past. But, a lot of these companies drastically increase their volume mid-November. I may not be averse to 3 emails a week, but that absolutely does not mean I want 2 emails a day.

Nice that they’re telling me all the lists I’m subscribed to, but I don’t need that much information about their segmentation practices.
One of those vendors presented me with one of the absolute silliest unsub pages I’ve seen.
Their practices are good. They are segmenting lists by purchase date, so they can mail people based on when they last purchased. That’s good. But they don’t need to present that information to everyone who unsubscribes. This may be a limitation of their ESP process, in that they have to have “lists” rather than a single database that can be segmented. But in any case, this is not really an ideal preference page.

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  • I call the Tuesday after Cyber Monday “Unsubscribe Tuesday.” That is when I purge myself from many lists.

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