Repurposing addresses

Multiple news sources are reporting that Herman Cain, republican presidential hopeful from 2012. Maddow on Herman Cain’s new business model. Apparently, his email address list is for rent by just about anyone, including companies selling cures for erectile dysfunction.

The erectile-dysfunction ad is one of more than 50 similar pitches for miracle cures and easy-money tricks that Cain has passed along to his e-mail followers over the past two years. While he has been particularly unabashed in his embrace of the practice, he is not the only past presidential candidate hawking sketchy products.Ben Adler, The New Republic

Of course, politicians of all stripes sell, share and barter access to their donor and subscriber lists. The news here is that they’re not just selling access to other politicians but they’re also selling them to marketers.


  1. Al Iverson says

    Yay, capitalism.

  2. Catherine Jefferson says

    I saw this yesterday, tweeted at the politicians in question about their list sales activities. Didn’t hear back. I also tweeted to @TNR (The New Republic) asking whether they’d found any Democrat ex-candidates selling lists. Didn’t hear back from them either.
    Somehow I suspect that money trumps political affiliation with most of these guys.

  3. Brett says

    Many do this to retire their campaign debt.

  4. Update on Herman Cain advertising male enhancement drugs – Word to the Wise says

    […] back at my post, I commented that the list was being rented. When I was talking about list rental, I did not mean that the list was being given to other senders. What I was trying to say is that […]


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