Gmail pilots new FBL

Yes, it’s true. Gmail announced last Thursday at M3AAWG that they were piloting a new Feedback loop.
The Gmail FBL is currently for ESPs only. The announcement during MAAWG was that only MAAWG ESP members were eligible. They are requiring a DKIM signature for the FBL, but ESPs using individual customer d= values can get a FBL based on IPs. They are also not providing ANY information that reveals the complainer. Gmail’s intention is only to give ESPs feedback so that ESPs can prevent abuse. They are not giving feedback so complainers can be removed.
The email has a .csv attachment that has 3 columns: date, identifier and complaint rate.
The identifier is an ESP provided customer identifier. One of the ESPs I talked to said they were adding an X-header into their emails.
I’ve heard from beta testers that there is a minimum of 100 complaints before you’ll get any report.
Reports are sent daily if there is sufficient traffic to trigger them.
If you’re a MAAWG member, check the senders list for the signup URL.


  1. Ram says

    How does gmail verify the authenticity of the FBL request.
    The Form is a simple link and just accepts any value you key in

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  4. Kumar Gaurav says

    Where exactly we will find the signing URL for Gmail FBL

    1. laura says

      Gmail said that only M<3>AAWG members were eligible at this time, so I posted the URL on that mailing list.

  5. Kumar Gaurav says

    We are MAAWG members and which mailing list is being referenced here

    1. laura says

      “If you’re a MAAWG member, check the senders list for the signup URL.”
      I posted the URL to the senders’ mailing list. The members section of the MAAWG website should also have slides up from Gmail’s talk at some point.

  6. Peter Blair says

    First off, this is the first google hit when I searched for “gmail fbl”, so kudos!
    Secondly, it appears that it’s still only available for ESPs, so we ISPs are out of luck *burning envy*.
    And for anyone who hasn’t read it, Paul’s writeup ( ) on his experience with this FBL is quite encouraging.

  7. Kumar Gaurav says

    We are an ESP but got no response on the email id mentioned in the Gmail FBL, Can you please help on this.

    1. laura says

      Sorry, I can’t help with this. I do know that it’s taking weeks to get a reply from Gmail.

  8. Pramod says

    Is it still available for the MAAWG members or there is some other way to apply for it?


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