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There are a couple problems I’ve been alerted to with the Yahoo FBL today.
The first comes from Michael Ellis and is about broken FBL reporting at Yahoo.

[In Firefox and Chrome] If you see a email in the junk folder and open it, then click this is not spam; it tosses you out of the email and back into the junk folder list view and the email is still there. It has also reported it as another Feedback Loop complaint. Only if you hit this is not spam in the junk folder list view does it go to the Inbox.

The second is from Al Iverson. Currently the Yahoo FBL management page is down. A issue has been opened to get this fixed.

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  • I verified now and the issue is not resolved yet.
    What happened?
    1- Open email which landed in Junk.
    2- Mark again as NOT SPAM.
    3- Email didn’t go to the inbox.
    4- Mark again as NOT SPAM.
    5- Mail goes to Inbox and reported as FBL.
    I doubt, there is going to be many false complaints.

  • And Yahoo has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix. It does seem to be lessening so Im hopeful it will be totally solved (as least for the false feedback loop complaint issue) fairly soon

  • Yahoo has reported that the issue has been resolved. At quick glance we have noticed a large decrease in FBL reports containing X-YahooFilteredBulk (any email that initially lands in Yahoo junk folder gets this in the header). Although we are still seeing a small volume come through, perhaps there may still be an issue – or maybe these are from users TINs and then later reporting spam.
    Anyone else seeing similar patterns?

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