AOL problems

Lots of people are reporting ongoing (RTR:GE) messages from AOL today.  This indicates the AOL mail servers are having problems and can’t accept mail. This has nothing to do with spam, filtering or malicious email. This is simply their servers aren’t functioning as well as they should be and so AOL can’t accept all the mail thrown at them. These types of blocks resolve themselves. 

Update Feb 8, 2016: AOL users are having problems logging in. Word to the Wise cannot help you. Please do not contact us for help. Contact AOL directly.


  1. Are you having issues with AOL? says

    […] Atkins over at Word To Wise confirmed this report today here.  According to her, these blocks have nothing to do with spam, filtering or any other type of […]

  2. Marilyn Williams says

    I used to have an aol email account years ago. All of the sudden when I receive email to my Comcast account the sender gets a mail delivery notice that the email address can’t be delivered> This started about two weeks ago. They think my email addressed to my Comcast account didn’t go through either. It does but it is very confusing to the senders to get this. Is there something you can do about it. Comcast says there isn’t anything they can do.

    1. laura says

      There isn’t anything I can do, but I’d check your mail client to see if you have a rule or something that is forwarding mail from your comcast account to your old AOL account.

  3. KATHLEEN says

    AOL Mail is the best when it’s working but lately it’s been iffy. A few days ago my tool bar carousel disappeared and before that My Favorites fiel disappeared.

    Do you know of a comparable Email service.
    Thank you

  4. jan sloan says

    I have been replying to e-mails from this 1 person every time she has sent one. hers come thru to me BUT mine do not go thru to her. what can I do?

  5. Anne D'Arcy says

    I can receive mail but can’t send. It gets returned with the error message “AOL is offline.” Huhhh??? Then how come I can receive mail?

    If the AOL server is experiencing problems, they should send an announcement. Otherwise we all spend our valuable time troubleshooting.

  6. Ann Webster says

    When people on Comcast try to Email me it is refused? What can I do?

    1. laura says

      You need to talk to AOL out that.

  7. Rich Grant says

    I find as I start typing an email on AOL, I take my eyes off the screen and keep typing. However, when I look up at the screen, most of my typing had stopped long before I did. Then I have to move my cursor back to where the typing ended and re-enter my typing. Very annoying. Any suggestions?

  8. Al Van Kirk says

    aol continues to “drop” my password. I have reset it at least five time this past weekend, alone. This morning, I get a different message with an “identification of the problem,” which makes no sense to me. It is:”web prb-83-20160208-171001.” Can you explain this and how to get my mail?

  9. diana aitchison says

    I have a relative with an aol address wescam21 which aol says doesnt exist. I can only correspond with her when replying to the emails that she sends to me. this is very frustrating.

  10. Genny says

    After years of having an aol e mail address I keep receiving error messages and when trying to reset password it says there is no account recovery in place.. so how do I get my account working again. I called 800 number spoke to representative and because I could not give a pets name from 20 years ago was told they couldn’t help

  11. Bill Ferguson says

    every time I send mail I get the message that AOL is having a technical issue? W hat the H___???

  12. Katherine says

    My password has been dropped and although I have tried to reset it several times it won’t accept a new one. My e-mail is now useless to me.


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