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We’re very excited and pleased to launch our redesigned website and blog.
As you can see, we have a new logo and an official color scheme. In addition to the cosmetic changes, we’ve improved the underlying structure. We have pages dedicted to our offerings, including Abacus and information about our consulting services.
We’ve also consolidated a lot of the information spread across different website. The ISP Information page is updated and current (finally! all the Goodmail references are gone). And the ISP specific pages are here instead of over on the wiki.
Two features we’re quite excited about are our wiseWords and wiseTools.
wiseWords is our place to publish more in depth articles about email, delivery and the Internet than the blog. Over time, I expect this to grow to encompas a full email knowledge base. We’ve also published some white papers for download.
wiseTools is the umbrella for our useful email tools, including the tools published at emailstuff.org. They’re still at emailstuff.org, but they’re also here at tools.wordtothewise.com.
We’ve done our best to make sure links transfer from the old site to the new one, but feel free to contact us if you find a broken link.
You may find your first comment on the new blog goes into moderation the first time you post. But once you’ve been approved, comments won’t go through moderation a second time.
Our new website is just the first of many new things we are hoping to roll out in the coming months.

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