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This seems like an attempt to create the next big viral marketing campaign. It’s just spam, though, and not even good spam. There’s nothing about a random “click here” that will entice me to click on it.
Scammers? Spammers? Whoever Ryann Rasmussen at HighSpeedInternet is, she might want to rethink her marketing strategy. It looks more like an infection attempt than anything else.
I guess we can say that their mail made an impression, a very negative impression. There is no website at The whois record for is behind domains by proxy. The mail violates CAN SPAM. The address was scraped off our website.
Not all spammers are dodgy Russians. Some spammers are from Utah.

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  • Actually, I believe that Ryann Rasmussen is a male living in Huntington Beach. He was the CEO of Lead Research group who is being sued for significant amounts of spam. It appears that Lead Research Group is not only a “publishing network” but also appears to have sent spam using many domains registered using anonymous proxies.

  • Ryann is actually Ryan Rasmussen formerly of Lead Research Group now operating as Riip. Recently Ryan changed company names to Riip in order to avoid spam lawsuits. Riip is a spamming company with an email platform named Throughput. They change names and use misspellings to attempt to avoid legal backlash. Riip uses 3rd party data and spams close to 900 million emails per month. They are currently on SpamHaus watch list.

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