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One of the worst ways to deal with blocking issues is to ignore them and hope your mail magically moves from the bulk folder back into the inbox. While this does happen as ISPs and filter companies update their filters, it’s not that common and it’s usually the result of a sender actually cleaning up their sending processes and improving the quality of the mail they send.
Do not ignore blocks. What I generally tell people is that it takes at least as long to repair a bad reputation as it took to get that bad reputation in the first place. If you wait months before actually addressing delivery problems, you’re not going to make a change and have the filters react in hours.
This doesn’t mean that every block is a business crisis. Blocks happen and they do go up and down based on thresholds and automatic monitoring scripts and content. But if a block happens consistently for 4 or 5 days in a row it is time to look at what you’re doing. Don’t just focus on the sidelines and little stuff, either. Look at your marketing program and the mail you’re sending.

  • Where are your addresses coming from?
  • What are you advertising in your emails?
  • What have you changed recently?

It so much easier to fix these kinds of delivery problems if they’ve only been happening for a week or two, rather than for months.

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  • I couldn’t agree more! The worst is when you provide a set of recommendations, but not ALL of them are implemented and a 24-hour “Magic Reputation Re-set” is expected!

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