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Happy 4th of July

We’re off to eat hot dogs and ice cream and watch fireworks with KarlTheFog.
Have you met KarlTheFog? We visited him earlier this month and I took some pictures.

Have fun storming the CASL!

I’ve given Humble Bundle my (tagged) email address a bunch of times – as part of purchases, as my username on their website, to download games and books I’ve bought. And, naturally, they’ve sent me newsletters announcing when they have new sales. Did I check a checkbox or uncheck a checkbox? I don’t remember, and don’t really care. It’s a company I have a...

June 2014: The month in email

Each month, we like to focus on a core email feature or function and present an overview for people looking to learn more. This month, we addressed authentication with SPF. We also talked about feedback mechanisms, and the importance for senders to participate in FBL processes. In our ongoing discussions about spam filters, we took a look at the state of our own inboxes and lamented the challenge...

Happy Canada Day, CASL now in effect

It’s Canada Day, and this year it has special connotations for email senders who are in Canada or sending to Canadian residents. CASL is now in effect. For in depth guidance, go visit Matt Vernhout’s excellent series on CASL.  But for those of you who just want the Cliff notes here’s the high points If you are in Canada or you are sending to residents in Canada: You must have...

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