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We’re in the thick of hiring and next week is Thanksgiving, so blogging is going to be very light for the next two weeks.
One thing I have noticed is that lately there are attempts to “change how people interact with email.” Google released their Inbox product. And today I saw a post about an IBM attempt to change email and how people use it as a tool.
I find as I juggle more and more incoming email that most email clients just don’t cope with the whole process well. For a long time I could use my inbox as a todo list and manage what needed to be done. With the company growing and changing, an inbox todo list is just not as workable as it used to be. Maybe the Verse client from IBM is one solution.
I’m glad people are looking at how to improve the email client. Fundamentally, the client I’m using now is not that much different than the GUI client I was using at MAPS back in 2000 and 2001. Sure, it’s visually different, but the functionality isn’t much different.
A few years ago I blogged that people should look at building new email interfaces. I’m glad that some companies are actually looking at the interface and rethinking how people interact with email. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up with some specialized clients that are featured around getting work done by email and other clients focused around a more casual use of email, like shopping and networking.

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