Yahoo problems

I’m seeing scattered reports today that a lot of places are seeing backed up queues to Yahoo. They’ve had some problems over the last few days and seem to be still recovering. It’s looking like it’s something internal to Yahoo. One set of error messages I’ve seen reported by numerous people is: “451
4.3.2 Internal error reading data.”
It’s not you, and it’s not spam related. But it is putting a crimp in a lot of companies attempts to send lots of email ahead of black friday and cyber monday.


  1. Mohammed says

    Mostly, we noticed this issue with Yahoo Europe domains. It seems to me that this issue got resolved and traffic that was backed up got settled down over the weekend.

  2. laura says

    Some folks were still seeing problems Monday morning.

  3. Alam says

    I noticed too at on yesterday but it was improved in late hours and today it is cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kent McGovern says

    There were also a lot of reports that was having issues.

  5. Òscare says

    Today there are still problems with yahooeuro. We’ve got queues even with our certified IP’s and we’re still getting the 451 error. Does anyone knows what’s going on and if is there anything we can do more than just wait? It’s been 2 weeks know and it ooks that is getting worst. Thanks in advance

  6. Gabriel Wakalenda says

    Okay last comment was 2014, I’m now experiencing this problem of 451 Internal error : (6530) when I’m trying to login my yahoo mail. Any help please


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