November 2014 – the month in email


Over the years, we get many of the same questions again and again. This isn’t a complaint; it’s a useful opportunity for us to check in and see if the technologies, policies and best practices have evolved over time, or if our previous recommendations still stand. One example this month of something that has changed (the situation has improved a bit): Using URL shorteners and one that has not: The Best Time to Send Email.

In industry news, we noted the impact of deliverability challenges on the bottom line as Zulily reported a drop in earnings and attributed some of this to mail problems. In other attributions and misattributions, Steve looked at a claim of ISP tampering and concluded it was simply user error.

We also looked at a few interesting attempts to evolve email clients, and a new cloud platform from Message Systems.

We also started soliciting holiday email predictions (add yours!), and then we took some time off to enjoy Thanksgiving and sort through hundreds of resumes for our new deliverability specialist role (it’s been really wonderful to see how many smart and talented people are out there geeking out on all things email-related!) We’re hoping to have our expanded team in place as we move into 2015, so look for the pace of blogging to pick up a bit in just a few weeks!

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