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Here are the top 6 most commented on blog topics our Industry News & Analysis blog.

  1. In April, Laura wrote about the ins and outs about Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance also known as DMARC.  If you are not familiar with DMARC or want to know the differences between strict and relaxed alignment, read the blog post here.
  2. Earlier this year WttW’s website was updated and two new resources were made available.  wiseWords is a place for in depth articles and analysis about email and the email industry, and wiseTools, a set of email and DNS tools to check MX, SPF, DKIM records and encoding tools to encode or decide text and image strings.
  3. It has been a rough year for Target.  First they had to deal with a data breach, second they have to let customers know their personal information may be compromised.  Emailing your customers should be an easy task, however Target obtains email addresses from unknown sources to let customers know about the breach.  Read more about Target’s sending of emails to customers.
  4. What-ifs tend to create great discussion and Laura certainly did that, the topic was “What if ESP/ISPs start charging users for every complaint generated”.
  5. It was announced at 2014 M3AAWG general meeting in February that Google will begin beta testing a feedback loop for ESPs.
  6. Finally, does volume cause blocking?  If you want to save a click the answer is No.

Happy Holidays!

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