Amazon launching new email service WorkMail


Amazon is launching a new email service called Amazon WorkMail.  Amazon already offers a Simple Email Service (SES) that allows customers to send outbound-only emails and unlike SES, WorkMail will be a full feature email, calendaring, and client management product.  The new WorkMail mail service will compete with enterprise email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange Server.  WorkMail will support the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, something that Google disabled with Gmail in early 2013, and will include Mobile Device Management and Active Directory Integration. The new service will also utilize Amazon’s AWS Key Management Service that allows the customer to create and control their own encryption keys used to encrypt their data on AWS.
Amazon WorkMail will also scan all incoming and outgoing email for spam, malware, and viruses, however, it’s not clear yet if they are going with a third-party solution or will be creating their own filtering system.

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