MessageSystems Acquires Port25

This morning MessageSystems announced they had acquired Port25 systems. These two platforms were some of the powerhouse brands in the email space. Momentum was the system used by big programs that needed precise control over all their mail from many different streams. Port25 was a lower cost but still powerful system that was accessible to many different size companies.
This acquisition gives MessageSystems the ability to address both market segments.
Port25 staff are all part of the acquisition and the software will continue to be developed and maintained as a separate product from the Momentum line. I, for one, am relieved to hear that. Port25 is a solid piece of software that meets the sending needs of many small and medium size companies.
Congratulations to the great folks at MessageSystems and Port25. I’m excited to see what happens with both programs under the same roof.


  1. Jean-Francois Nadeau says

    So, is there alternative to MessageSystems now with Port25 and Momemtum under the same company?

  2. Sally Lehman says

    I would say that there isn’t, unless there starts to be more development of Postfix towards having similar features and less difficulty/time tuning towards larger volumes of mail.

  3. Vitaliy VInogradov says

    I would say GreenArrow is something like an alternative, I’ve seen a lot of mail get delivered with them recently.


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