February 2015 – The month in email


This was a short and busy month at WttW!

We attended another great M3AAWG conference, and had our usual share of interesting discussions, networking, and cocktails. I recapped our adventures here, and shared a photo of the people who keep your email safe while wearing kilts as well. We also commended Jayne Hitchcock on winning the Mary Litynski award for her work fighting abuse and cyberstalking.

In other industry news, we noted that Salesforce is launching DKIM support, which means senders will be able to use DMARC as well. With the volume of email that is sent through the Salesforce platform every day, this is great news for senders who have additional authentication requirements. Speaking of authentication, I wrote up a summary of our current recommendations.

We continue to be interested in the ongoing discussions in our industry about measuring email engagement. One of the most-visible email metrics marketers use is the open, and we talked about all the different ways that might be measured. We also noted Chad White’s great post on the subject. We’ll have more on this over the next few weeks, both about how engagement is measured and why it matters.

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