Thirty years ago this Sunday, was registered – the first .com domain. It was followed, within a few months, by,, and
Symbolics made lisp machines – is now owned by a domain speculator.
BBN is a technology R&D company who’ve worked on everything. If I had to pick one thing they were involved with it’d be the Internet Message Processor – the router used on the very first Internet nodes. They are still around, as a division of Raytheon. made some amazing massively parallel computers. Their hardware group was bought out by Sun, who were bought out by Oracle and now redirects to a broken error page at were the first – and for a while, the largest – computing research and development consortium in the US. They did groundbreaking work on everything from silicon to AI. Their domain is now a generic parked page owned by a domain speculator. were Digital Equipment Corporation – creators of the PDP, VAX, Alpha and StrongARM processors, amongst many other things. They were a huge company when I worked for them designing Alpha CPUs in the mid 90s, then they were acquired by Compaq, then HP, then split up. Their domain is now a personal website.
It took nearly three years to reach 100 registered .com domains and nearly 10 years to reach 9,000.
As of this morning there are 116,621,517 domains registered in .com, from (64 zeros).com to (64 letter z).com, out of a possible total of more than two googol – so there’s still a domain there for you.
221,848 of those domains in .com mention “mail”.

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  • BBN also had an acoustics consulting division, as famous in that small community as the computer division was in ours. They did the original controversial design for Philharmonic^WAvery Fisher^W^WDavid Geffen Hall in NYC.

  • #16 was I worked there at the time. We were marketing a specialized computer system using Unix (ATT) and email was an exciting new opportunity. They still own the domain and have an active website, though the company itself is far smaller.

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