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As of April 15th, Clearwire will no longer support their CLEAR Email/Clearwire Email services which include and mail domains. They were acquired by Sprint and these domains will bounce after April 15th 2015.
Many thanks to Anthony Chiulli from Salesforce for the tip.


  1. Steevo says

    Don’t you mean 2016?

    1. laura says

      The linked page says 2015.

  2. Steevo says

    I guess if it’s been down, but it seems odd to announce that late.
    Clear still takes phone calls, still does activations, still has people on recurring billing. I have one of their hubs, but on freedompop, no email involved.

  3. Al Iverson says

    Clear actually stopped taking activations and gave 180 day notice that their network is being retired. So yeah, it’s dead now, not next year.

  4. Steevo says

    Oh, it’s been announce that it’s going down. But it’s up now. I am using it. Right now.

  5. Jack says

    Let me add – I was a clear customer and a fan – the Clear hotspot worked great for me … was sad it was discontinued a few days ago (nov 6 2015). after tryign a bunch of options, such as tethering and the at&t hotspot, i decided to go Karma Go’s unlimited plan for $50 per month. Their device, although it looks just like clear’s voyager, was another $100 … I pre-paid and it went down to $50 for the device…. use my link and I get a discount – you will get $10 off too:


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