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Sitting in my drafts folder is a rant I wrote during one of the “email is dead” discussions. I think there’s a core of usefulness in my rant. The discussion was about how many click bait articles claim email is dead because people under 20 don’t have email accounts, or if they don’t, then they don’t check them.
Almost everything online is tied to an email account. Want Amazon prime? You need an email address. Want an Instagram account? you need an email address. Want access to Google docs? You need a gmail address. Want to buy almost anything off a website? You need an email address. Even for stuff that’s ostensibly displayed on mobile (event tickets, plane tickets, hotel check in info) they need an email address. Want to have access to iTunes? You need an email address. Want a blog hosted on blogspot? You need an email address.
Of COURSE people have email addresses. I will say that I’m finding myself using email a little less than I did. Facebook is a bit better at social networking than old school mailing lists and usenet. I mean, nothing will ever replace trn in my heart, but Facebook does remind me of usenet in some ways.
Oh, and yes, you mostly need an email address for Facebook (although I hear you can register an account with just a smartphone).
Email isn’t dead. Email isn’t going to die. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply looking to monetize your clicks.

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