Google Apps for ISPs is gone


Google Apps for ISPs is being shut down. While this was a scheduled end of life, apparently some users weren’t notified (always keep the contact email address up to date at your vendor!) and other users were told that it would be discontinued in July and were surprised when their service was turned off a month earlier than they expected.
I’ve not seen any reports of mail bouncing due to this yet, but it’s likely that some consumer ISPs will be scrambling to migrate to new email providers and their inbound mail may be a mess for a while. If you see domain-wide problems at consumer domains, check to see if their MXes point at the google aspmx cluster.
It seems to be a rolling shutdown, and some ISPs have apparently had their service extended by a few days or weeks, so issues may start with some domains throughout the month.

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  • Wow, that’s messy.
    So many ISPs let google do their customer’s mail. Because we trusted them.
    But as Bruce Schneier says, that is a feudal security thing, letting your google overlords take care of your mail for you. Trusting them.
    They can just shut it down one day, leaving you scrambling. For no particular reason.
    Messy. Really messy.

  • As to not being notified, so many people struggle with email, don’t read their important email. Can’t manage it properly.
    I have a friend that lately, if I email him, I have to call him on the phone to get him to read it. He says “why didn’t you just call me instead of emailing?” Well, most of the time it’s because of a link I sent him.
    His whole problem is that all his email, including confirmations and newsletters go in his inbox.
    I have to go over and show him how filters work. Without extensive use of filters, I don’t see how anyone can manage their affairs today.

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