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Earlier this year Ken Magill reported that a judge in the UK was allowing a libel case against Spamhaus to go forward. I thought for sure I’d blogged about the case at the time, but apparently I didn’t.
The short version is that today Spamhaus announced the lawsuit was settled and the complainants paid for Spamhaus’ legal fees.
As with most legal cases the details are complex and convoluted.  Let me try to sum up.

  • 2 people set up a company.
  • This company sends lots of unsolicited emails.
  • This company is disconnected from multiple service providers.
  • Spamhaus lists the 2 people, and their company information, on ROKSO.
  • The two individuals object to the ROKSO listing.
  • The two individuals bring a suit against Spamhaus for libel under UK law.
  • Spamhaus filed for summary judgement and/or dismissal.

All of the above happened mostly without any of us noticing. In late January, the judge published a ruling allowing the case to go forward.
The case is now settled. According to Spamhaus’ website their legal fees are being paid by the claimant. 
People have been trying to sue Spamhaus for years and have failed every time.

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  • Actually, David Linhardt and e360 Insight LLC did win against Spamhaus. See
    It was a win of an entire $3.00. If his attorney was on contingency, he would have gotten an entire $1.00.
    It is interesting that both EMarketers of America and e360 went out of business shortly after the Spamhaus lawsuits were over. I’d say losing, but e360 “won.” I believe e360 went out of business shortly after the $3 verdict came out, if I am wrong, please correct me.

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