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If you are utilizing the Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop, you should have received an email today about an upcoming change to the CFL.
The message received was:
“On June 29, 2015, we will transition Yahoo Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) administration from Return Path to Yahoo Customer Care.
We will continue sending spam reports during this transition. However, you will need to save existing CFL information as it will not be available after the transition.
To save the existing CFL information:

  • Go to
  • Sign-in with the email address you used for registration
  • Go to ‘Manage Existing CFLs’ section (3rd tab at the top)
  • Select all the information for existing domains
  • Copy and paste the information to a file for future reference

To add, modify or remove domains post transition, please visit
For any questions, visit our CFL Help page or contact Yahoo Customer Care.”
The CFL Help page can be found at or contact Yahoo via their Customer Care page.

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  • By any chance, do you have any reports of people using successfully the new feedback loop? I’m somewhat lost… they only put up a contact form in the place of the old management interface. I haven’t received any confirmation emails yet. Also am I supposed to fill it 250 times if I send email from any ip from a C class?

  • I have heard there are some challenges with getting the confirmation emails for the new Yahoo FBL. Other folks have indicated that they start getting FBL emails before they get the confirmation email. I believe you only need to provide the d= value from the DKIM signature, you don’t need each IP you’re sending from.

  • Yeah, something is up with the CFL. I filled it out and haven’t heard anything back since the initial email verification code confirmation email.
    At least with the old system you could login to see your existing CFL info.
    Laura…Yahoo actually asks for your selector value (s=) and domain value (d=) in two different sections of the form. They also ask you to list every ip address, rDNS, and the domain tied to it on a separate line.
    With that said, Yahoo seems to use DKIM more than IP to determine who to trust. Even so, they will throttle you if you are using a new IP address even with a DKIM signature that has been around awhile.

  • Do any one know if Yahoo supports batch application for domains CFL?
    If has, how to ?
    Or can give contact way to find a person works at Yahoo for help.
    Many thanks !

  • Hello,

    If we want to register multiple domains under Yahoo CFL, do we need to register for each domain individually ?

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