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“Maybe things aren’t broken-broken,” [Laura] said. “Maybe you could be doing a little better. We can sit down and talk with you about where you want to be. And then we can work with you to identify how you can get from where you are to where you want to be without hurting your deliverability.
“Email is a really special place because the consumer has so much more power than the marketer in terms of ‘yes/no’ decisions,” she said. “All of the other channels, the advertisers own and pay for. Being able to understand that you’re a guest [in the inbox] and you have to be a good guest in order to be invited back is where we come in and help you work through: ‘What does being a good guest mean?’” The Magill Report

Thanks, Ken, for a great writeup.

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  • I agree 100% that mailers have to be good guests in order to get another invite 🙂 One more thing to add in here is that think that subscriber as you, put yourself in that shoe and see how frequently you (as a mailer) sending mail to that mail box. Once you treat that subscriber as you then as a mailer, we will take care of subscriber very well and they will invite us again and again.

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