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Yesterday LinkedIn announced they’re decreasing the amount of mail they’re sending to users.

For every 10 emails we used to send, we’ve removed 4 of them. Already, member’s complaints have been cut in half. And this is just the beginning. Less Email from LinkedIn

This is good news for a lot of people, as LinkedIn’s sending practices have always been aggressive. The send a lot of mail and not everyone likes that. They’ve been the butt of late night jokes, as they even acknowledged in their press release about decreasing emails. John Oliver of The Daily Show congratulated LinkedIn for “seem[ing] to have monetized irritating people!”
Twitter is rife with jokes about stopping mail from LinkedIn.

Unsubscribe from LinkedIn
Delete email account
Sell house, live in woods
Find bottle in river
Has note inside
It’s from LinkedIn

Github has code to make it possible to “unsubscribe from all LinkedIn” emails.
The Daily Mash once opined the only way to leave LinkedIn is to destroy the LinkedIn headquarters.
The problem isn’t that LinkedIn sent so much mail. The problem is they sent so much unwanted email. I don’t know if this was causing them widespread delivery problems, although some indications are that the mail was bulk foldered for some Gmail recipients.
Listening to recipients is an important part of an effective email marketing program. Recipients tell you what they want, and what they don’t want. Sending too much email is ineffective and may result in delivery problems. I’m glad LinkedIn finally heard their users.
How much mail are you sending? And have you hit the downside of the curve?

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  • Huh, no kidding.
    Checking my own email, last month I only got seven emails I didn’t want from linkedin, while the month before, I got ten.
    I guess that counts as an improvement. It’s ike eating a crap sandwich that has 30% less crap.

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