Deliverability, email and lessons learned from Insight2015


biohazardmailDeliverability is a challenge, I think everyone who has ever tried to send bulk mail will acknowledge that. There are a lot of reasons for this. One of the big reasons is that there are bad players who spend a lot of time trying to get around filters. And a lot of these people are sending very bad mail. Phishing. Spear Phishing. Viruses. Malware.
Email is a prime vector for a lot of criminals.
A lot of deliverability discussions really gloss over the dangers, though. We don’t often think about it, because we’re not sending bad mail. But we still have to go through the same filters that ask: Is this message safe?
Security was a big deal at the recent Sparkpost / MessageSystems conference.

Phishing is a problem, and it’s something the ISPs work hard to fight against. After we get past the is it safe question, we’re left with the second question. “Is it wanted?”

I’ve also started encouraging folks to use all the channels and integrate marketing across channels. Blow up those silos.

Sometimes I get tired because I feel like I”m saying the same things over and over again. Steve just wrote up a post about SPF to announce some of the improvements in our SPF checking tool, and is able to reference a post of mine from 2 years ago. But then I go to a conference like Insight2015 and hear folks talk and interact with smart people and I get excited about email all over again.

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