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All About Email: Q & A session tomorrow

Live! Tomorrow! the 2015 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo. 12:30 Eastern, 9:30 Pacific. Come hear Ken ask me about email and contribute your own questions! Want to ask about spamtraps? Purchased lists? How about engagement? Just want to listen to what myths other people are interested in asking about? Come and listen.  

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ESP attacks, again. Be wary.

There seems to be an uptick in phishing attacks that have an impact on ESPs recently. Your CEO The most critical one is targeted spear-phishing attacks that claim to be internal documents sent by senior staff within the company, e.g. from the company CEO. It’s likely that the attached documents will compromise and backdoor your […]

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SPF debugging

Someone mentioned on a mailing list that mail “from” was being filed in the gmail spam folder, with the warning “Our systems couldn’t verify that this message was really sent by“. That warning means that Gmail thinks it may be phishing mail. Given they’re a well-known financial services organization, I’m sure there is a lot […]

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October 2015: The month in email

When you spend most of your day working on email and spam issues, it starts to cross into all aspects of your life. In October, I was amused by authors who find names in spam, SMTP-related t-shirts on camping trips, and spam that makes you laugh. Maybe I need a vacation? We were quite busy […]

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Deliverability, email and lessons learned from Insight2015

Deliverability is a challenge, I think everyone who has ever tried to send bulk mail will acknowledge that. There are a lot of reasons for this. One of the big reasons is that there are bad players who spend a lot of time trying to get around filters. And a lot of these people are […]

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Deliverability at Yahoo

We have multiple measures of deliverability. Ones that we don’t even let in the door, and then we have ones that customers indicated that they don’t want to be delivered.  – Jeff Bonforte, Senior VP Communications, Yahoo Mail Read a little more about Yahoo and spam over at Tech Insider, or listen to the podcast at […]

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Insight 2015 and upcoming talks

In about an hour I will be heading down to Monterey to give a talk at the MessageSystems Insight 2015 conference. I really wanted to go to the whole conference, as I’ve heard great things about previous ones. It just didn’t work with my schedule. I’ll be around this afternoon and tomorrow morning, though. So […]

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Truths and Myths about email deliverability

Ken Magill will be interviewing me on the Truths and Myths of Email Deliverability, November 12 at the 2015 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo. Ken has a bunch of questions he wants to ask me, but he’s also expecting to take a lot of questions from the audience as well. Speaking of myths, […]

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