Truths and Myths about email deliverability


virtualShow_forblogKen Magill will be interviewing me on the Truths and Myths of Email Deliverability, November 12 at the 2015 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo. Ken has a bunch of questions he wants to ask me, but he’s also expecting to take a lot of questions from the audience as well.
Speaking of myths, there has been discussion lately about recycled spamtraps. Apparently, there are people who believe (believed?) that every ISP uses recycled spamtraps. When Hotmail and Gmail said recently they didn’t use recycled traps people got very upset that they believed something that was not true.
It’s a mess. There is so much about email that is like a version of telephone. One person says “hotmail uses recycled spamtraps” someone else repeats “big ISPs use recycled spamtraps” then then third person says “all ISPs use recycled spamtraps.” People try and correct this type of misinformation all the time but sometimes it’s hard to clarify.
So show up to our session and let Ken lob questions at me, lob some of your own and we can see what myths we can clear up.

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