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It’s that time of the year – marketers send more email than usual, recipients unsubscribe from their lists.
Clicking on the unsubscription link in the email I just received took me to an unsubscription landing page. The box for my email address was prepopulated based on the cookie in the unsubscription link, the default setting is to unsubscribe me from all mail from the sender and just clicking the sole button on the page will unsubscribe me.
It offers me an alternative to unsubscribing from everything – letting me receive just the content I want. It does that immediately on the unsubscription landing page (rather than suggesting I go to a subscription center or, worse, requiring I click on a different link in the mail originally). And it tells me the important things about the newsletters I might want to subscribe to – what they’re about and how often they’re sent.
This isn’t anything particularly special, but sometimes it’s nice to highlight someone who is doing it right.

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