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We’re 10 days out from Christmas, 9 days out from the end of binge-shopping-season (and 11 days out from return season). Unlike previous years, I haven’t heard of any significant delivery challenges. Most of what I’m hearing is the normal day-to-day stuff. There’s a little more of it, but nothing like in years past where ISPs melted down or giant companies got SBLed.
This is all good! This is progress and is great for senders.
Things here, and I’m pretty sure many other places are slowing down. We’re looking forward to next year, to new projects and clients, to new challenges and changes.
Blogging will probably be slow from now through the end of the year. I have stuff to talk about, but the issues are complex and I’m working on the best way to write about them. And I’m coming to the decision that writing might not be the best for certain posts.

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