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This morning I had the pleasure of participating in the SparkPost 10 experts in 50 minutes webinar. I am honored to be included with such a smart group of forward thinking leaders in the email space.
sparkpost_speakersThe webinar was also live tweeted using #emailpros. I’ve put together some of my favorite tweets from today.
What was fun for me was listening to the similarities and differences in our views. Multiple people mentioned authentication and security. Other people focused on display and creatives. Privacy and big data was another theme through multiple speakers. Our Canadian representative gave us a good summary of CASL enforcement. We also had some insightful comments about how deliverability is changing for the B2B market.
I’m definitely stealing B2H. I tweeted B2Host, but also saw someone use B2Human. Both work. It’s a term that really captures what deliverability is about. The human behind the email address is critical for getting to the inbox. B2H! Beautiful.

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