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AOLlogoForBlogI am, apparently, still one of the top hits when you Google for AOL. When things break at AOL, this means I get lots of contacts, comments and even phone calls from people looking for help.
I’m really not AOL support. (Really. I’m not. If you’re an AOL user I can’t help you log into your account. Please don’t call. Please don’t ask. Contact AOL directly.)
BUT! So many AOL users thinking I am means I learn about AOL problems fairly early in the cycle. As of this morning I’m getting a lot of reports that AOL is broken. I tried logging into my account and got the following:
On the delivery end mail is still being accepted. I can send mail to that particular account, even though I can’t log into it. But, senders may see lower engagement from AOL users until the issue is resolved.

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