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It’s been a crazy week here at M3AAWG. I have a lot of stuff to blog about, but I think one of the really important things to get out is the new unblock request page at Outlook / Hotmail.
Submit your IPs and it will be reviewed.
(Apologies for the repeated bad links. I’m blaming con crud, lack of sleep and MSN/Hotmail/Office/Outlook for having so many domains I can’t keep them straight. I have finally gotten it right and tested it.)


  1. daniel K says

    Haven’t heard of this one. How is this different than the main support page? BTW, that link doesn’t work.

    1. laura says

      Fixed the link (hotmail isn’t redirecting from http:// to https://. I updated it.

  2. Sotiris Tsimbonis says

    Maybe it’s not for public consumption yet?
    It doesn’t even resolve..
    $ host
    Using domain server:
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

  3. Stefano Bagnara says

    I guess the site is (office and not outlook).

  4. David says

    Does it make sense to submit a request for a new (to Hotmail, one year old super clean IP), low volume no-bulk MTA that works but where messages are binned to Junk with SFV:SKS, SCL:6?
    Tried asking Hotmail support and they said “Not qualified for mitigation”. Pushed back and they responded with a huge paste of “best practices” none of which make sense for one-to-one communication.
    After one day the scoring changed to SFV:SPM;SFS:(redacted) SCL:5. Does one just need to be patient and keep sending test messages? (Ugh)

  5. jd says

    That site doesn’t work for getting unblocked from Hotmail. It’s for Outlook only.


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