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It’s been a crazy week here at M3AAWG. I have a lot of stuff to blog about, but I think one of the really important things to get out is the new unblock request page at Outlook / Hotmail.
Submit your IPs and it will be reviewed.
(Apologies for the repeated bad links. I’m blaming con crud, lack of sleep and MSN/Hotmail/Office/Outlook for having so many domains I can’t keep them straight. I have finally gotten it right and tested it.)

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  • Haven’t heard of this one. How is this different than the main support page? BTW, that link doesn’t work.

  • Maybe it’s not for public consumption yet?
    It doesn’t even resolve..
    $ host
    Using domain server:
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

  • Does it make sense to submit a request for a new (to Hotmail, one year old super clean IP), low volume no-bulk MTA that works but where messages are binned to Junk with SFV:SKS, SCL:6?
    Tried asking Hotmail support and they said “Not qualified for mitigation”. Pushed back and they responded with a huge paste of “best practices” none of which make sense for one-to-one communication.
    After one day the scoring changed to SFV:SPM;SFS:(redacted) SCL:5. Does one just need to be patient and keep sending test messages? (Ugh)

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