Q1 2016: Upcoming events

While we’re working on a Speaking Schedule page for my upcoming events, I’ll just update the blog. My schedule for Q1 and Q2 is coming together.
M3AAWG 36: San Francisco, February 16 – 18th. I’ll be up on Monday afternoon. No official speaking at this one, just sitting in the audience and listening. But stop by and say hi!
Email Evolution Conference: Hosted by the EEC, New Orleans, March 30 – April 1. I’ll be on the panel Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Email (But Were Afraid To Ask) with some of my favorite colleagues.
Email Innovations Conference: Las Vegas, May 18 – 19th. Understanding Your IT Department: What Non-Technical Brand Managers Need To Know about Email Security, DMARC, ISP’s and Delivery.


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