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Last year Verizon bought AOL. As part of that merger some email is being migrated to the AOL backend. FAQs published by Verizon say this change is only affecting users in FL, TX and CA. Users will still have addresses but the backend and filtering will be managed by AOL.
This shouldn’t have a huge impact on commercial senders. However, one thing I did notice while reading through the FAQ is this:

What will happen to my email sub-accounts?

If you previously accessed your mail on the Verizon platform, each email sub-account will be treated as a primary email account and will enjoy all the benefits of free AOL Mail, including virus protection, advanced spam filters and more.
Because each sub-account is treated as a separate primary account, they will be moved to AOL Mail separately and may not be eligible to move at the same time.

Some sub-accounts may not be moved, either because the user forgot about them or because they decided they didn’t want to move them. This may result in a slight increase in “user unknown” bounces from addresses temporarily.
Not a whole lot to be concerned about, just something to be aware of.
On the delivery end, this means that there is a clearer path to resolution of delivery path to some Verizon accounts.

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  • Laura,
    I saw that as well, but this answer:
    “Your email must be moved to AOL before March 15, 2016. If you do not complete the basic AOL registration to move your email by this date, you will lose the ability to send and receive emails”
    indicates this change has already taken place back in March. I haven’t seen any impact from such a potential change, but it seems the time for migration (at least for these states) has already passed.

  • Hey Laura,
    Might we expect to see an increase in bounces 6 months from now, on addresses that are not migrated?
    “What will happen to my email if I do not complete the basic AOL registration to move my email to AOL?
    If you haven’t migrated your email to AOL Mail before April 1, 2016, you will still have 6 months to migrate your email if you remember your password. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover the password if you haven’t migrated your email by April 1st.”
    To me, this reads that if you can’t remember your password today or don’t choose to migrate your account in the next 6 months, those accounts may go away come October. It isn’t a definitive statement, but that seems implied.

  • Has there been any word on how AOL plans to integrate blocks and whitelists? I’ve actually been struggling with AOL Postmaster for quite a while on getting an IP that previously had no PTR record to be re-added as a trusted sender—I’ve found their resolution support to be less than ideal.

  • Our notice to Verizon’s email change is all stays the same if you use AOL. Will there be any monthly charges from AOL? Our notice says to change by
    June 12. The above info says April 1st. Can you clarify all of this for me?
    Also, will I use my same Jeanette…at or
    Jeanette… ?

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