Upcoming events

Next month I’ll be in London for the Email Innovations Summit. This will be an updated version of what you need to know to talk with technical folks.
In early December I’ll be doing a DMA webinar discussing the subscription bombings. That’s still in the works.
I’m looking at some events for next year. I am planning on being at M3AAWG in San Francisco in February.
I’m looking at others, too. What are your favorite events?


  1. Mathias says

    Not coming to M³AAWG Paris?

    1. laura says

      No. Innovations is in London 2 weeks before. And that’s just absolutely the wrong length of time to make both. It’s either 3 weeks overseas or a week turnaround and 8 hour time differences + many hours on planes.
      I’ll be there in spirit, though. And we’ll be sharing some data on the subscription stuff as part of a panel. We just won’t be there in person.

  2. Al Iverson says

    See you at M3AAWG in San Fran, probably!

    1. laura says

      Woot! We should have dinner the 4 of us!


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