Sharing access to Google Postmaster Tools

As a delivery consultant, I always ask clients to share their Google postmaster reports with me. As Gmail is one of the bigger delivery challenges for a lot of senders, having access to the postmaster tools helps tease out issues. I had some issues earlier this week getting access to tools and so brought up a conversation on one of the delivery lists. The nice folks there helped me get it solved.
A few hours later someone asked me how do I get access and I thought that was a brilliant idea for a blog post today.

Site owner grants access.

The owner of the postmaster tools account goes to and hovers over the domain to share. A context menu pops up.
Click on the “Manage Users” link.
Adding a user is as simple as clicking on the big red button and typing in the users email address. This address must be either a address or a domain hosted at Google apps.
Once that’s done, tell the user they have permission to access the document.

User adds domain to their dashboard.

Before the data is visible, the user must add the domain to their dashboard. Again, click the big red button in the bottom corner.
A dialog box pops up asking for the domain used to authenticate your email.
Type in the domain name. It should now appear in their dashboard.

Things to remember.

Only or google apps hosted email addresses can be used for the Postmaster tools. Those of us using our own domains on different hosting must create a address in order to see Postmaster tools.
Postmaster tools only provide data after a threshold volume is reached. We have no data for, for instance, because we simply don’t send enough mail.
Happy Investigating!


  1. Kieran Woerner says

    The domain owner for our company shared access to the data with me but for some reason when I go to, google still asks me to verify ownership of the domain. Any help/suggestions?

    1. laura says

      I’ve not had a problem with sharing tools in the past. I’d suggest making sure they shared with the right gmail account and that you’re logged into the right account – I have about 3 accounts I use regularly and Google doesn’t always make the right one “primary.”


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