Fraudulent signups or spam?


This morning I got spam from a major data broker / ESP / credit reporting agency claiming I’d signed up on some college website. In the UK. To check my credit score.
Uh. No. No I didn’t.
Of course, it’s very possible someone did use my email address when signing up for something at a UK university.  They probably got a t-shirt or free pizza out of it. But that doesn’t really matter to me. A certain credit agency is  spamming me with irrelevant and horribly targeted advertisements for their services and claiming the mail is opt in.
I know that address is widely sold in the UK to “legitimate” marketers. It’s very possible that it was purchased by the spammer in question. Or, I dunno, maybe they’re the ones selling it.  As a victim, I don’t really care why a company is spamming me.
Part of a sender’s job to make sure their data is accurate. And they failed.
But for this particular company, that’s par for the course. When I posted about this over on Facebook, I had multiple friends pointing out that this company regularly spams and sells spamming services.
Spammers gonna spam.

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