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Made it back from Vegas late last night. It was a great trip, even though I wasn’t officially attending the conference. I did get a chance to see old friends and meet some new people. The Women of Email board had our first in person meeting and we’re working on some exciting things over the next few months. Our mentor program is well underway and we have been placing speakers at various conferences.
I can hardly wait to share some of what we’re doing and our plans as they finally come together. We’ve made a difference even in stealth mode, and I’m so proud of my fellow board members. They’ve done great things already, and they’re only just getting started.
One of the high points of the trip for me was dinner with an amazing bunch of women in the space.  Some I’ve known for a while, but many were new faces. It was great.
In two weeks I head to EEC to watch Steve talk about the subscription bombing problem and some of the lessons we’ve learned over the last few months.

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