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ATT used to have a webform to use to request delisting. I’ve heard reports over the last few months that the form isn’t working. This week, the website hosting the form disappeared. I don’t know for sure, but this looks like this is either deliberate or there’s just no one in charge of the site and it got lost.
ATT provides an email address for delisting, too. Unfortunately, I’m also hearing they’re not responding to that address. There are two possible reasons. One, they’ve never answered and they just delist or not depending on stats. Two, they’re not monitoring that address, either.
In any case, the delisting isn’t working and I don’t know when it will be. I know some people have contacted ATT reps, so they are aware of the current issues. More as I find out.

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  • You’re right, but this isn’t anything new. They haven’t been responding to the form or the address in months.
    They used to respond to both as I’ve had a number of listings resolved there that involved some form of interaction with a rep.
    The only reason I’m able to get things delisted there now is because of a contact within the mail admin department.
    Short of having that, I’m not sure how people have been getting delisted at AT&T.

  • Color me surprised, but I did get a delisting notice back from AT&T. I submitted two different bounces (with full headers) to the indicated email address on Jun 26. On the 30th I got a notice saying one of the blocks had been removed. No response to the second request however.

  • I contacted them via twitter @ATTCares back in May for a client and they were pretty responsive but slow to resolve the issue. It was ultimately resolved but took about two weeks. I had to stay on top of them. I inquired about the form and they never answered that.

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