Final migration of Verizon email addresses to AOL

AOL were kind enough to share some details about the shutdown of the Verizon mail system and the migration of email address to the AOL mail service:

What is the cut-over date for the MX record?

  • The cut-over date for the mx record for to to be handled by AOL is June 20, 2017. This will occur after midnight sometime on Tuesday morning June 20 EDT.


How will IPs and servers that only previously connected to be handled by the AOL Spam and Mail System?

  • The AOL Mail system has been handling a great deal of the mail already and has stored information about the relationships between senders and recipients.

Online Help Article

Verizon East Mail Migration – FAQs for Email Service Providers

Beginning in February 2017 Verizon began notifying customers that they are preparing to leave the email business and will no longer provide email service for customers with a email address. Verizon has provided 2 options to these customers for handling email going forward, including the ability to keep their email address. Each customer will be provided their own date and timeline to take action to ensure their access to email is not interrupted. Other than this change, no other Verizon services are impacted.

What are the 2 options that Verizon provided to email customers?

Option 1. Keep your current email address.

Customers can choose to retain their email address by migrating to AOL Mail. By choosing this option customers will:

  • Keep their email address.

  • Retain email, contacts and calendar(s). – Verizon and AOL will migrate customer data saved on Verizon servers.

  • Log in to to access their mail after migration.

Option 2. Try a new email provider.

Customers can choose to use another email provider and set up a new account with an email provider of their choosing, such as Gmail or By choosing this option, customers will:

  • Lose their current email address.

  • Need to manually move their email, contacts and calendar(s).


What is the process to migrate a email account to AOL Mail?

When it is time for a customer to move their mail to AOL Mail, they will be notified by an email from Verizon and messaging on Customers select Option 1 in the email or on webmail to begin the AOL Mail registration process. Once they register with AOL, they will have access to their email, folders and contacts on

What is the timeline for the mail migration?

Each customer will be provided their own date and timeline to take action to ensure their access to email is not interrupted. The last notifications are tentatively planned for June 2017.

What data is migrated to AOL Mail?

Customers may have data saved either on Verizon’s servers or on their local computers, or both. Only data that resides on Verizon’s servers will be migrated.

If a customer uses to access their email, they will only see data that was previously saved on Verizon’s servers.

If a customer uses a third party application, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc., they will continue to see data formerly saved on Verizon’s servers as well as data stored locally on their computers.

How can senders ensure that whitelists or feedback loops continue working after they migrate to AOL Mail?

AOL has worked closely with Verizon and will maintain existing Whitelisting and Feedback Loops.

For Feedback Loops and Whitelist maintenance after the cut-over, contact the AOL Postmaster.



  1. Allen A. Winfield says

    I have not been provided with a date/timeline to migrate to (as indicated above). I have, however, begun to act by adhering to the Verizon Move to AOL Mail: Updating 3rd Party email program … with … new account information (POP3)
    dated 03-21-2017. Those instructions have NOT WORKED -even after several attempts. ERROR messages repeatedly occur: “Invalid username/password. USER, amwin21@ Server REJECTED login.” Please HELP!

  2. Favio says

    Hi Steve,

    How does this impact on yahoo email service? I understand that Verizon acquires Yahoo email service.

    Nice article

  3. Favio says

    Hi Steve,
    How does this impact on yahoo email service? I understand that Verizon acquires Yahoo email service.


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